Play Harder – Work Smarter

After several years of development the wait is almost over! We are just about ready to bring Cooler Wagon to you!

Tired of slogging coolers, chairs, popup tents, sports gear and more across soccer fields, parking lots, music venues, camp sites and everywhere else? Yeah, we are too!

The days of multiple trips to your vehicle to retrieve these items, wondering when the fun begins and the work ends…well these days are almost over.


Cooler Wagon is more than just the typical wagon, it’s a modular transport system designed to accommodate YOUR needs. It will not only safely haul your favorite drink cooler (which weighs 30-100lbs…empty) but will haul your camp chairs and just about anything else you need!

Measuring 21″ x 36″ it’s a little wider and longer than most wagons and might be a few pounds heavier but will give you years of hard service. Cooler Wagon is repairable and spares will always be on hand. But in reality, you would have to run over one with a truck to do serious damage. It’s built tough. Ok, let’s say you go full Mad Max on it 15 years from now, it’s made of steel which means you can bend it, weld it, recoat it… this isn’t made of Chinese pot metal, remember… it’s made of American steel and has more than one life! Fasteners, grommets, wheels and tires among other things are made to common specifications or are off the shelf items. Your children’s children could be using a Cooler Wagon decades from now.

Cooler Wagon will carry 99% of the coolers most people own including the following and anything smaller:

  • Bison 100 QT (60lbs)
  • Canyon 125 QT (87lbs)
  • Engel 80 QT (59lbs)
  • Grizzly 75 QT (64lbs)
  • Icehole 100 QT (88lbs)
  • Icey-Tek 95 QT (75lbs)
  • Icon 75 QT (65lbs)
  • K2 90 QT (77lbs)
  • Kysek 75 QT (49lbs)
  • Mammoth 75 QT (65lbs)
  • Orca 75 QT (69lbs)
  • Pelican 70 QT (34lbs)
  • Yeti 105 QT (36lbs)

… and more.

These coolers can weigh well over 100lbs and many times over 150lbs with ice and drinks! Who wants to carry that from the parking lot to the ball field?

And yeah, we named it Cooler Wagon as that was our primary focus. Guess what though? As people viewed and talked it about with us we heard the same thing over and over, “sure wish I had one to…” and then it was amazing what people wanted to use it for.

  • Fishing
  • Shooting
  • Camping
  • Parties
  • Sports Gear
  • Tournaments
  • Concerts (watching and playing)
  • Product warehouse use
  • Expos
  • Kart Racing
  • ….and on and on.

This is why we were focused on building a modular unit that can adapt to many uses, not just hauling coolers.

Cooler Wagon is designed to support up to 1200lbs but who is really going to load that much on there? Even with 300lbs of gear it can be quite a load in the real world so we added an extra wide handle so two of you can pull if needed.

Cooler Wagon is designed and built right here in Texas! Designed and Made in America by Americans with American Steel!

We built this to last a lifetime, made out of steel, we found the perfect balance in weight and strength. We use quality Tiger powder coat with a Zinc primer so it will be durable and not rust or corrode. All of the hardware is stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rusting fasteners either.


Worried about space in your vehicle? Don’t… we designed an optional carrier that will mount in most standard towing receivers so you can not only carry your Cooler Wagon using your trailer hitch but can haul your gear there as well!

We didn’t stop there, not even close! We added side panels that also act as universal mounting plates on each side with a Molle mounting system so you can attach just about anything to help you carry your gear and help contain loads being carried on the wagon deck. Molle bags and packs are found in just about any sporting good store in the USA and we will be offering these bags and accessories as well. The side panels also have various mounting points for Quick Fists.

What else?

  • How about a bottle opener built in to the side racks?
  • Integrated tie down points on the deck with added holes to mount L-track tie down points.
  • Quick removable handle that stores under the wagon during transport. Remove it and store out of the way when you are settled in…no more tripping over a pull handle.
  • Additional mounting points on the sides and on the deck to enable quick mounting of additional modules and accessories.


We also have a list of optional accessories designed:

  • Hitch mounted car carrier.
  • Side mounted drink holders & Food Tray
  • Extendable sun shade
  • Telescoping pole with mounting points for:
    • Small solar panel
    • LED area light
    • Misting fan that draws water from your cooler drain
  • With the solar panel you can also add a rechargeable battery under the wagon deck that will give you USB charging ports for you mobile devices.
  • Are you a clay shooter? How about a firearm carrier and shell holders?
  • Bed hoops (kind of like roll bars) that will let you carry popup canopies, race karts, additional camp gear or just about anything else you can dream of.
  • Racing Karts? We have a kart rack to help you move your kart from the pits to the track and back and take whatever gear you need along with you.
  • Fishing pole holders.

…and much more, but you get the idea and there is nothing stopping your from getting creative and adding your own solutions as well!

We built this to last and to adapt to your needs as they change over the years.

Cooler Wagon is in the final testing stages and will be brought to market in Winter 2018 so check back often for updates and final pricing. New website and store arriving soon as well.